What Condition Is Your Hair In?



By Nicole Elizabeth

Our hair can be categorized in three different ways:


Characteristics of Healthy Hair
 Smooth texture and feel


 Hair loss is 75–100 strands per day

 Hair loss consists of entire hair strands (contains bulb)

 Holds curl well

 Relatively easy to comb while wet

 Good elasticity (hair strand stretches when pulled)

 Healthy scalp

 No breakage

 Minimal split ends
Characteristics of Dry or Stressed Hair
 Hair loss is 75–100+ per day

 Hair is dry to the touch but responds well to moisture

 May have some scalp problems

 Dull appearance

 Itchy scalp

 Loses curl easily

 May be frizzy

 Hair has poor elasticity (does not stretch before breaking)

 Breakage (hair strands are short)

 Split ends
Characteristics of Damaged Hair




 Frequent use of oil does not help retain moisture and/or the
effects do not last long

 Tangles easily, difficult to comb while wet


 Breakage is severe in spots

 Visible split ends

 Scalp may be unhealthy

 May have excessive dandruff

Nicole Elizabeth Smith, the author of "Healthy Black Hair"
(2003), is a freelance health and beauty writer and a graduate
of Michigan State University. She and her son Zack live in
Michigan. Currently, she is beauty editor for
com (