Is your First Aid Kit nearby? 

Back when I was a kid, my father always kept first aid kits in the house and in the car.

As I grew older I gradually realized why this was prudent.

At age seven when I burnt my thumb on a cigarette lighter, I was relieved when he fixed it up.

Then at the age of 15, I cut my hand on a pocket knife while riding to church.

My father broke out the first aid kit and patched me up again. These days I am a parent myself. It's now my job to make sure that my child is okay. I prefer to keep first aid kits in my home and each vehicle, just in case.

Do you keep first aid kits where you can reach them quickly?

I honestly learned as a parent that this is a wise plan. Last summer while visiting my older brother, my daughter was stung by a wasp, twice. As I snatched her up, my brother had a first aid kit out within a minute.

I was impressed. I guess our father rubbed of on us both. He pulled out a snake bite kit. If you've never seen one of these, it's time to look them up on the web.

They're not expensive and work perfectly on bee and wasp stings. We stuck the suction devices on my daughter's leg, both bites, and let it sit for five minutes. When we popped them off, out oozed the poison.

Okay, this may sound yucky, but it's actually ideal. If you can get the poison out, then no more problems. Within an hour, my daughter's leg was back to normal. All that was left was a mere remnant of where the stinger poked her.

First aid kits are always beneficial to keep in your car. While you may have never needed one, the time can randomly arise.

When you get that bee sting, or slash on the finger, you will be glad that you have a first aid kit at your disposal.

The cool thing about first aid kits these days is the variety. Pretty much anything you're looking for is out there.

I like to hop online and browse the various first aid kits available.

You can easily compare costs on different websites to ensure that you won't get ripped off. You can locate first aid kits for hiking trips, the home, your boat, or just basic ones for your vehicle. Whatever you desire, they have.

Stop winging it, and hop online today. That instance is just around the corner where you will need a first aid kit handy. If you have children, you should especially look into the world of first aid kits in order to be prepared. After all, children are unpredictable. Don't let reality sneak up on you.