Dealing with hair loss.



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For most people, a full head of hair means confidence. 

We all love to comb, style, and gunk up our dews for different occasions. 

However, how do we deal with hairloss?  What do we do if those shiny follicles gradually decrease, leaving us with nothing but a bald scalp? 

This can be detrimental to our self esteem. 

Fortunately there are options at our disposal to fight hairloss.

As a young boy, I assumed hairloss was perfectly normal in grown men. 

This is because I never remember seeing my father with a head of hair.  He always had the bald top with the hair around the sides thing going on. 

This was not too appealing, nor was it something I was looking forward to.  As I got older, I learned that hairloss was primarily a genetic downfall.  This is that point where you run to your mother and ask her if her father was bald or not. 

We all hope to hear, "No son, he had a full head of hair," and that is what I heard.  Of course it was followed by, "Oh, but he died in his early fifties."  Oh well, I could do worse.  Genetics have certainly been proven to play a significant role in hairloss. 

These days we have a number of hairloss treatments available. 

Professionals offer remedies such as transplants and plugs, but even our local drug stores have a few answers to this age-old dilemma.  Products such as Rogaine are available to treat hairloss from when it begins.  This seems like a prime time to take action. 

Early is better than later.  Hairloss is certainly an emotional experience for anyone.  Society deems hair beautiful, and if you're lacking it, this may affect your lifestyle. 

Hairloss is not only a problem for men.  Women also suffer from baldness.  This is not as commonly heard of in our society, but believe me it happens.  I was more than a little bit shocked back in the eighth grade when I spent the night at a friend's house.  When his mother came home from work and introduced herself, I was speechless.  She barely had any hair. 

How hard that must be as a woman in today's society, which holds such a hardcore focus on beauty and youth.  Although hairloss can be a confidence-reducing experience, we don't have to sit around and let it get the best of us. 

The Internet is a good place to start if you're worried or curious about hairloss.There's likely to be a solution that fits you.