Pursuits of happiness



Are you ready to receive instruction in the method of placing powerful "visual images" in your subconscious? The only thing that can hinder your initial effort is fear. Fear creates a state of anxiety in the conscious mind, and keeps it alerted. With the conscious mind on the alert, the threshold of critical evaluation is raised. There can then be no direct contact with the subconscious mind.

Conversely, expectancy greatly aids the acceptance of a suggestion. Don't be afraid to induce self-hypnosis. Instead, expect to succeed. And you will.


Sometimes people react to hypnosis by saying; "I may be fooling with something bigger than I am." There's a hesitancy based on the fear of the unknown. But by now you should be aware that there isn't anything any more abnormal about accepting your own suggestions, for your own good, uncritically, than there is in accepting suggestions from other cigarette smokers, to keep you on the habit, uncritically.

There is no magic or mysticism in hypnosis. So why be afraid of it? You have every right to study your own behavior, and every right to use every means at your disposal to form your attitudes and motivation along the lines you choose.

There is no more reason for the average person to remain unaware of the psychology of his instincts, or ignorant of the behavior pattern of his subconscious mind, than there is for him to be unaware of the importance of personal cleanliness. The pursuit of self-knowledge is not only pleasure-able, but the means to a longer and more enjoyable life.