Are there risks to lasik eye surgery?


I wear glasses most of the time.

I have also gone through phases where I have worn contacts, however, I find that if I wear contact lenses for too much time, I end up getting very sore, irritated eyes, and I end up going back to wearing my glasses.

I have thought about getting lasik eye surgery several times over the past few years.

When the technology was first developed there seemed to be a lot of potential risks for long-term damage, the scariest of all being the risk of going blind in the future.

However, lasik eye surgery has been perfected in recent years, and most of the associated risks are no longer a significant concern.

It would probably be a wise decision for someone like me to get lasik eye surgery.

I am always putting my glasses down and then forgetting where I put them. I was a disaster when I had contact lenses. I was always dropping a lens, or putting one in backwards, or running out of contact solution. It was an ongoing problem for me. With lasik eye surgery there is a one-time, upfront expense, some discomfort following surgery and then, once you're all healed, you don't have to worry about it any more.

Even the costs are more affordable these days. One concern is that the cost of getting lasik eye surgery is not covered by most insurance plans. However,  many insurance plans don't cover any sort of vision costs, or the amounts that they do cover are very minimal, so in the long run getting and paying for lasik eye surgery will really save you money in the long run, since the cost of replacing eye glasses or contacts over a lifetime will definitely run into the thousands of dollars.

I don't know anybody who has had lasik eye surgery.

Before getting the surgery I would like to talk to someone about the experience and find out if lasik eye surgery is really for me.

I definitely like the idea of taking care of my vision problem once and for all. Being able to see clearly without any sort of aid is a very attractive prospect. Getting lasik eye surgery is definitely something that I would consider doing. I would do some research before going ahead just to be assured that lasik eye surgery is relatively safe and that the necessary precautions to ensure safety would be taken.

Whatever the cost, I'm sure that payment plans are available and the convenience of having my vision restored would be worth the cost.

Lasik eye surgery is just another great development of our lifetime and one that I would surely like to avail myself of.